Target Health Sciences | Health Sciences Bound Initiative

Fast track your future with early admission

Carroll partners with other institutions to create additional opportunities for our students. Target Health Sciences is part of the Health Sciences Bound Initiative and includes partnerships with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and Rosalind Franklin University (RFU), available only to Carroll students.

These programs qualify for early admission through Target Health Sciences:

Time to Completion
Degrees:BS and PharmD
Time to Completion:3 or 4 years at Carroll
3 years at MCW or 4 years at RFU
Degrees:BS and DPM
Time to Completion:3 years at Carroll
4 years at RFU

The benefits of staying on target include:

  1. The chance to guarantee your place in a select graduate program
  2. Reduced competition, which translates into higher acceptance rates
  3. Advanced preparation for graduate school whether you're accepted into select early admission programs or
    choose to apply elsewhere
  4. Learning more about health care professions through off-site programming
  5. Building relationships and support systems with current health and medicine graduate students
  6. Connecting with health care professionals at MCW, RFU and Carroll
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