Director of Instruction Add-On License Program

This program is designed for administrators who already have their principal license seeking the #5010 Director of Instruction license for district or central office administration positions (e.g., directors, coordinators, etc.).

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Course Prerequisites

  • Principal License #5051

Total Credits

8 credits

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License Information

License #5010 Director of Instruction: Required for district administrative positions, depending on district job requirements (e.g., directors, coordinators, etc.)

Course Information

  • Most likely, students pursuing this add-on license will join the two-year Educational Leadership Cohort (which starts at the same time). You will meet one weekend each month (Saturday and Sunday), typically 8 a.m.-4 p.m., which often includes afternoon work time. This design will optimize your learning and networking opportunities. You will participate in all activities, but you will not need to pay for courses not required for your license.
  • If a large number of add-on license students enroll, it is possible that you would have a cohort that is separate from the two-year Educational Leadership cohort.
  • Summer dates determined by cohort (flexible).


  • Practical on-site field experience with an experienced school or district administrator. Practicum activities are customized to each candidate. Stated differently, practicum “courses” occur in the field, they do not meet in classrooms.
  • The Director of Instruction practicum requires 80 hours of field work.

Courses and Dates (8 Credits)

The following are meeting dates for the 2022-23 academic year.

Spring: Jan.14, Feb 4,5 Mar 4,5 Apr 1,2  May 6,7 (you will participate in the EDU 613 course, but not pay. See EDL website)
Summer: Determined by Cohort

Required Director of Instruction Courses

Spring:  EDU685: Designs and Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
Summer:  EDU686: Continuous Improvement in Education (3 credits)

Required Practicum

Spring:  EDU669: School Leadership Practicum II (2 credits) (Director focus)

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