Instructional Coaching & Teacher Leadership Program

This certificate program prepares exemplary educators as PK-12 teacher leaders, with a particular emphasis on instructional coaching. Major topics include instructional coaching, building professional relationships with staff, building educator and team capacity to support all students’ success, professional learning, and school change. The program assignments and internship are personalized to candidates’ goals, context, and preferences.  Students can complete the program for a Certificate in Instructional Coaching and Teacher Leadership, and/or use course credit toward an M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning. Note that Carroll also offers an Instructional Coaching Course Credential, which is a non-credit course separate from the Instructional Coaching and Teacher Leadership Certificate program.  See website link below for details.

Through communities of practice, collaboration, reflection, research and a leadership internship, participants will:  

  1. Develop knowledge and skills in teacher leadership and instructional coaching 
  2. ​Serve as a change agent within teams, schools and districts/systems  
  3. Engage in key roles (e.g. coaching, mentoring) to lead school or district initiatives to nurture conditions that support learner and educator agency  
  4. Facilitate educator and team development to advocate for equity, inclusion and agency for learner centered schools and educator centered districts 

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  • Successful educators who want to develop expertise in teacher leadership and instructional coaching in current or future roles. Possible candidates for this program include those seeking building leadership, instructional coaching, or mentoring roles outside the realm or scope of a principalship or district administrator.


  • Existing Wisconsin educator license

Course Meeting Design

  • Courses are delivered through a hybrid model. In summer, students meet four times face-to-face. In Fall and Spring, students meet face-to-face one time per month for four hours/course during one of the following time frames:  
  • ​Friday, 5-9 p.m. Saturday, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. or 12:30-4:30 p.m. 
  • Readings and assignments are completed outside of class time. Students coordinate occasional outside-of-class, small group work times.
  • Students can register for an individual course, as long as prerequisites are met and there is room in the cohort/course.

Courses and Meeting Dates 2022-2023

Core Courses for the Instructional Coaching & Teacher Leadership Certificate

  • EDU 700: Instructional Coaching Foundations
  • EDU 684: Instructional Coaching & Teacher Leadership Internship
  • EDU 617: Educators as Leaders
  • EDU 699: Leading Professional Learning

Capstone Course Required for M.ED. students
EDU 607 or 616: Capstone / Research Course

  • Fall 2023: EDU684 & EDU700
    • Sept 15,16
    • Oct 13,14
    • Nov 10,11
    • Dec 8,9
  • Spring 2024: EDU617, EDU 699
    • TBD
  • Summer 2023: Capstone  
    • Determined by cohort

For Credit Details

For students who:
  • Want college credit/grades
  • Want to use credits toward an M.Ed. degree.
Expectation: Complete all course requirements

Evidence of completion:

  • Transcript grades
  • Certificate
  • Can apply toward M.Ed. in Teaching & Learning

Total credits: 

  • 3 credits/class
  • 4 classes = certificate, 12 credits
  • 5 classes= 15 credits

Application Process and Requirements
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