English as a Second Language Dual Licensure

Expand your teaching horizons and acquire the skills to fill a growing need in our schools by adding an English as a Second Language license to your education degree from Carroll.


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Carroll University’s English as a Second Language (ESL) undergraduate program is an emphasis that you can add to an Elementary Education major or a Secondary Education major. When you successfully complete the requirements for this emphasis and are endorsed for an initial teaching license through either your grades K-9 (Elementary) or grades 4-12 (Secondary) program, you’ll also be endorsed for the English as a Second Language #1395 as an additional license through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Completing an additional 14 credits of coursework in the English as a Second Language program in addition to your education major will prepare you to teach children identified as English Learners (ELs) across various ages and subject areas in grades K-12.

Coursework and field experiences focus on:

  • Language acquisition theories
  • Sociocultural knowledge and practices
  • Family, school, and community collaboration
  • Teaching strategies
  • Multilingual assessment
  • Advocacy for bilingual student success

The conceptual framework for the Department of Education is centered on a constructivist perspective, critical consciousness, educational advocacy, and professional integrity. The ESL license program prepares teacher candidates to teach all students effectively, particularly those who may traditionally be marginalized in U.S. schools because of their emerging literacy in English. This program aligns with our department focus on fostering equity and inclusion in all educational settings.

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