About the Health Care Administration Major

Pre-physical therapy students benefit from a health care administration degree

Students that are considering applying to graduate school to earn their Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree will benefit from a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration. You can choose from a wide variety of pre-selected undergraduate majors, health care administration included, and in most sequences, complete your DPT at Carroll in just six years. Carroll’s DPT program has a three-year board exam pass rate (2012-2014) of 99.3 percent and job placement rate of 97.7 percent within six months of graduation (2013-2015). 

The undergraduate major introduces you to healthcare terminology and communication, as well as the business side of how health care organizations operate. These areas provide a comprehensive perspective of how health care systems work and how decisions are made. Chances are, you may be asked questions about health insurance or be involved in making decisions about your specialty once you are providing direct patient care. You may also be thinking about owning your own practice someday. The health care administration major will give you the tools you’ll need to be knowledgeable and successful in any of these situations.