Telling Data Stories

Thinking About Data, Analysis, and Visualization and the Stories We Tell about Them

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It’s Not All About the Numbers

Data visualizations are not all about the numbers. Some of the most interesting visualizations are not number driven but are idea driven. When I am asked to work for a client, I the first part of the conversation usually includes the request to “do analysis.” Often there is little more than that two-word phrase as part of the original request and conversation. I always press to know a little more and to get my client to talk about their problem.

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This Stuff is Dangerous

Working with data and analysis is not easy and it can be dangerous. In 2015 I was asked to give a keynote address to the British Conference on Undergraduate Research. The audience was primarily undergraduate students who were presenting their research at the conference. I explained to them that they were brave because research and data analysis is not always popular. It is risky and puts you at peril.

Julio Rivera

The Beginning

I think I have put this blog off more times that I can count. Each time I come close to publishing something, events get in my way or something becomes more important. I had planned to start this last fall, but a sudden shift in work responsibilities meant that I had to concentrate on less data related matters. Those duties ended in January and I was all set to start in March 2020 and then the world changed.

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