Analytics and Business Intelligence Consortium
Incentive MBA Program

Recruiting new talent takes time and costs money. Investing in the professional development of your existing employees is a much smarter strategy. One of ABIC’s many benefits of membership is participation in our Incentive MBA program. You’ll automatically be eligible to offer your employees a pathway to increased productivity and success at an affordable price — at no additional cost to you.

Tools, Training And Significant Savings

Employees of current ABIC member companies/organizations are eligible to enroll in any of Carroll University’s MBA emphases and receive a 15 percent discount, as long as they continue their employment with the ABIC member company throughout the duration of the program. It’s a win-win benefit of membership that passes along significant savings for your employees and provides you with a highly-trained workforce ready to solve your complex business challenges.

Our new MBA emphases include:

Flexible start dates, a combination of online and in-class instruction, faculty dedicated to student success, networking opportunities and capstone projects designed to address real-world business problems associated with the workplace of individual students are hallmarks of our program.

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