Video Game Studies minor

Maybe you have ideas for creating video games and like the artistic side of them—graphics, sound, and writing—but don’t know much about coding or how to start making games.

Or maybe you know how to code but don’t quite know how to create or manage the creative elements of a game or what kind of software to use for game development.

Or maybe you like to think and talk deeply about games—their characters, stories, and meanings.

If any of the above apply, the Video Game Studies minor might be for you!

In the Video Game Studies minor, you’ll analyze published video games and create your own games with no coding experience required.

You’ll learn how to make your own 2-D games with game-creation software. You’ll learn how to create and use artistic elements such as graphics and sound while learning about larger concepts of level design, rule balance, and programming.

You’ll also learn how to analyze games in an academic setting. You’ll talk about the many elements that make games what they are: rules, interactivity, characters, story, and more. You’ll discuss how games impact our culture and how our culture impacts the ways we make and play games.

The Video Game Studies minor is 22 credits and pairs well with many other majors and minors at Carroll.

This minor pairs well with...

If you’re interested in coding and computers, this minor pairs well with a major or minor in computer science.

If you’re interested in creating art, this minor pairs well with a major or minor in art, music, graphic communication or creative writing.

If you’re interested in analyzing and writing about games, this minor pairs well with a major or minor in English or communication.

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For more information, contact:

B.J. Best
Associate Professor of English

Marie Schwerm
Senior Lecturer of Computer Science

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