Admission Requirements | Master of Software Engineering

Admission to Carroll University is offered to those for whom academic and personal success seems likely. Each candidate is evaluated individually. Evidence of good character and demonstrated ability to do graduate-level work is essential.

Acceptance decisions are made on applications when they are complete. Files of prospective students are referred to the MSE Admission Committee for review and action. That body may grant admission to the university provided certain conditions are met, or may require the student to satisfy specified criteria. Applications and credentials for admission to the graduate programs must be submitted for processing to the Carroll University Office of Admission in Voorhees Hall: 100 N. East Avenue Waukesha, WI 53186 or

Master of software engineering admission

Requirements for admission into the master of software engineering program include the following:

  1. Earned bachelor's degree with a suggested cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  2. Completed Online Application
  3. Official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended
    • If academic work is from outside the US, an official course by course report from WES or ECE is also required
  4. Résumé that describes work experience, computer programming background, and professional interests
  5. If the applicant's native language is not English, the candidate must show proof of English proficiency. Please reference the English proficiency requirements here
  6. Letter of recommendation (professional reference preferred if the applicant has professional work experience)
  7. Completed Statement of Financial Support (required for students in F-1 status). The I-20 cost information may be viewed here.

Additional factors that might impact admission decisions

  1. Applicants, regardless of their undergraduate majors, must possess solid programming skills equivalent to those gained in a data structure course of a typical computer science program. In particular, descent Java language knowledge and programming skills are expected. Students with no programming background or insufficient programming knowledge and skills might be required to take some undergraduate computer science courses at Carroll University if deemed necessary.
  2. If applicant's undergraduate major is not in a computing related field, having computing or information technology professional work experience (typically two years or more) will be viewed favorably in making admission decisions.

Professional Certificate in Software Engineering*

A graduate certificate in software engineering is available to students who do not wish to pursue the master's degree or to students who do not presently hold a baccalaureate degree. Up to 15 credits from the professional certificate program may be applied to the master's program.

Students electing to pursue the professional certificate must meet the following requirements:

Non-Degree Status*

Students may take up to nine credits as a non-degree student. Up to nine non-degree credits may be applied to the proposed master's degree or certificate.

Students electing to study as a non-degree student must meet the following requirements:

* Non-degree status is not available to International students