French minor

You can widen your horizons by gaining a proficiency in a second language. In fact, French is spoken on five continents.

Carroll University’s French minor provides you with speaking, listening, writing and reading proficiency in the French language. This minor is often paired with majors in psychology, sociology, communication, English and writing and history. French is the official language of many international organizations, such as the United Nations, UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, the Peace Corps and many others.

By studying a second language, you add value to your education, broaden your worldview and make yourself more attractive to employers in today’s global marketplace. Bilingual employees will earn up to four percent more than other graduates. You can also study abroad during a summer, semester or full academic year.

Many career opportunities exist for those with foreign language skills: jobs in translating, international business, community outreach, social work, teaching (elementary through college levels and for corporations or governments) and the foreign service. Fluency in a foreign language, together with another specialization, is an ideal combination in many professions. The travel industry, banking and financial services, credit bureaus, marketing and advertising, law enforcement, healthcare professions and social service agencies all need people who are multilingual. Every service provided by governmental institutions, from local to international, calls for people proficient in a second language.

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