Film and Television minor

Are you interested in film and television? These industries shape the world we live in, economically, socially, politically and ideologically. The Film and Television minor can help prepare you for a career in these important creative arts.

This interdisciplinary minor incorporates courses from Carroll's communication, English, theatre and graphic communication programs. You'll study the history, theory and production of film and television and be introduced to the latest emerging technologies. And critical analysis of how film and television impact us on a societal and individual level will prepare you to work within our global media culture.

Your courses will include hands-on training in writing, editing and producing short films, television spots, commercials and music videos and in computer animation. You’ll also acquire critical business skills such as budgeting, marketing and project/personnel management.

As you move through the program, you’ll build a portfolio of written and on-screen work that can help you advance professionally upon graduation. For more information and to see the courses that make up the minor, please check the Carroll University Catalog.

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