English and Writing Minors

Creative Writing Minor

Creative writing strengthens your ability to write, speak, and think more precisely and articulately. That translates to practical skills in expressing ideas that will set you apart in the workplace. Creative writing taps into imagination and creativity; it teaches how to look at the world and express yourself in new ways, and these new perspectives can help you consider your major area of study from multiple angles. It will engage your passion for writing in a variety of genres, including fiction, poetry and interactive digital fiction.

Carroll University's Creative Writing minor is a low-credit minor that enhances and can be easily paired with any major.

Professional Writing Minor

Carroll University's Professional Writing minor provides you with a foundation in the types of writing skills that employers are looking for. It complements any major by advancing both critical thinking and written communication capabilities, applicable in a variety of professional settings. The minor includes courses in magazine production, grant writing and writing for the sciences, among others. You'll develop your ability to communicate clearly and effectively across a variety of media and different audiences.

The professional writing minor enhances study in other disciplines and can easily be paired with any major or minor, including those in professional studies programs, such as nursing, exercise science, pre-physical therapy, business, pre-med, psychology, communication and education. Students in any field can capitalize on the professional writing minor to enhance their professional portfolios.

English Minor

The English minor allows students to pursue their love of literature, as well as develop practical, transferable skills in writing, critical thinking and analysis. Our program includes exciting classes in American and British literature, American-Indian literature, African-American literature, postcolonial and gender studies, film and visual literacy studies and classical rhetoric. The minor helps students examine a wide range of human experiences, world cultures and global issues.

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