Academic Affairs

Dr. Mark Blegen, Carroll University
Mark Blegen
Provost & Vice-President of Academic Affairs
Welcome to Carroll University! 

At Carroll we truly believe in the power of the liberal arts and professional education for it is at the intersection of knowledge that true learning takes place. Whether you choose to major in theatre, exercise science, animal behavior, business, education, chemistry or any other of our other programs, I promise you that you’ll be engaged by our incredible faculty and the curriculums they’ve created. 
The academic affairs team at Carroll is here to serve your needs. While you may never directly interact with our instructional designers, institutional researchers, and other staff, the work they undertake directly impacts each and every one of you and your learning. I am extremely proud of this team. 
Please explore our website to find more information regarding our academic programs and support services such as the library and learning commons. There are wonderful resources here at Carroll to assist you in your learning, be sure not to miss one!


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Institutional Research

Provost's Team

Kathy Kramer, Carroll University faculty

Kathy Kramer

Dean, School of Education & Human Services

Kareem Muhammad

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Tom Pahnke, Carroll University faculty

Tom Pahnke

Dean, College of Health Sciences
Head shot of Kevin Trainor

Kevin Trainor

Dean, School of Business
Joe Hardenbrook, Carroll University

Joe Hardenbrook

Director of Library Services
Allison Grabowski, Carroll University

Allison Reeves-Grabowski

Senior Director of Academic Resources
Tori Sinclair

Tori Sinclair

Director of Academic Advising Services
Headshot of Sherri Meyer

Sherri Meyer

Senior Administrative Assistant to the Provost
Naomi Tiefel Headshot

Naomi Tiefel

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Vice Provost's Team

April Doebert-Fischer, Carroll University faculty

April Doebert-Fischer

Director of Assessment

Ya-Huei Lu

Instructional Designer
Tomek Miaskowski, Carroll University

Tomek Miaskowski

Institutional Research Analyst
Kristen Trader

Kristen Trader

Instructional Designer


College of Health Sciences

Tom Pahnke, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Thomas Pahnke

Monika Baldridge, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Monika Baldridge

Associate Dean
David MacIntyre, Carroll University faculty

Prof. David MacIntyre

Chair of Human Movement Sciences
daniel shackelford photo

Dr. Dan Shackelford

Director of MS Clinical Exercise Physiology
Tim Suchomel, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Tim Suchomel

Director of MS Sport Physiology & Performance Coaching
Steve Dannhoff, Carroll University faculty

Prof. Steve Dannhoff

Director of BS Physical Education
Barbra Beck, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Barbra Beck

Chair of Public Health
Teri Kaul, Carroll University

Dr. Teri Kaul

Chair of Nursing
Karie Ruekert, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Karie Kobiske

Director of MS Nursing

Dr. Lori Magestro

Director of Associate Degree in Nursing
Sara Deprey, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Sara Deprey

Chair of Physical Therapy
Jamie Krzykowski Photo

Dr. Jamie Krzykowski

Chair of Athletic Training
Wendie Leveille, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Wendie Leveille

Chair of Occupational Therapy
James Brandes, Carroll University

Dr. Jim Brandes

Chair of Physician Assistant Studies


College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Kareem Muhammad


Dr. Josie de Hartog

Associate Dean of General Education
Massimo Rondolino, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Max Rondolino

Associate Dean of the Honors Center

Dr. Jennifer Huck

Chair of Communication and Sociology
Arthur (BJ) Best, Carroll University faculty

Prof. B.J. Best

Chair of English, Modern Languages, and Literature
Lilly Goren Photo

Dr. Lilly Goren

Chair of History, Political Science, and Religious Studies
jennifer dobby photo

Prof. Jennifer Dobby

Chair of Visual and Performing Arts
Matt Scheel, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Matthew Scheel

Chair of Life Sciences
Carroll University Logo

Dr. Kevin McMahon

Chair of Computational and Physical Sciences


School of Business

Alexandra Sielaff, Carroll University

Dr. Alexandra Sielaff

Director of Master of Business Administration

School of Education and Human Services

Kathy Kramer, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Kathy Kramer

rachel stickles photo

Dr. Rachel Stickles

Director of Undergraduate Studies in Education

Dr. Brad Kose

Director of Graduate Programs in Education
Kerry Kretchmar, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Kerry Kretchmar

Director of Master of Arts in Teaching
Jessica Lahner, Carroll University faculty

Dr. Jessica Lahner

Director of MS Behavioral Health Psychology

Panoramic View of campus