Carroll University
Statement of Christian Purpose

The Christian purpose of Carroll University is summarized in its motto "Christo et Litteris"—for Christ and Learning. By means of a faculty dedicated to the Christian purpose and assured of the academic freedom necessary to the performance of its tasks, the university seeks to provide a learning community devoted to academic excellence and congenial to Christian witness. To this learning community, the university welcomes all inquirers.

Through a total education program involving faculty, administrators, and trustees, the university encourages a free and fearless encounter with the truth, all of which is of God; seeks to continue an active exchange between the Christian faith and the academic disciplines, leading to new insights and greater depth of faith; and provides opportunities for all to encounter Christ and to engage in His mission in the world.

Carroll University is a church-related institution and proclaims its integrity as an academic institution. It does not offer dogmatic indoctrination or protective sheltering from the world and secular learning. It does assert that in a pluralistic society, reasonable and educated people, with full intellectual integrity, may commit themselves to the Christian way of life and thought. The university seeks to make its student body aware of the Christian faith, which affirms the Lordship of Christ over the lives and works of His people.

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