Institutional Inclusion

We all belong at Carroll.

Inclusion is a shared celebration of diversity, dignity and belonging. For our campus community to thrive, inclusion must be thoughtful, intersectional and proactive.

We promote justice at Carroll.

We are committed to identifying and employing intentional and systemic strategies to dismantle oppressive structures and biases that continue to marginalize historically underrepresented groups in higher education.

We value the experiences and expertise of our community at Carroll.

We are a community of learners committed to growing and evolving together. We understand that our success depends on how we recognize, embrace, and value the perspectives and traditions of our community and its members—past, present, and future.

As part of our commitment to institutional inclusion:

Programming, Workshops & Events

Fall 2020 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit

In alignment with our institutional commitment to providing ongoing, innovative, and transformative DEI training and learning experiences, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion partnered with Academic Affairs to host Carroll University’s Inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit, on February 24–27, 2020. The summit was held across campus, offering various modes of engagement, including lunch and learn sessions, interactive workshops and literature circles. A wide array topics, from utilizing intercultural and social justice frames to advocacy to engaging challenging dynamics in the classroom, were featured.

This year’s summit will be held virtually on October 26-30, 2020, during the celebration of Global Diversity Awareness Month and LGBTQIA History Month. Summit sessions will center on three focal areas:

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Campus Climate Reporting

Carroll University is committed to cultivating and sustaining a safe, welcoming, and inclusive living and learning environment for every member of our campus community. The Campus climate Response Protocol advances this commitment by providing a mechanism by which individuals may report incidents of real or perceived bias, exclusion, or inequity and seek support through campus resources in addressing those concerns.  

To learn more or to submit a report, please visit Campus Climate.

Campus Equity Response Team Members


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