Career Services for Students

What can I do with my major? How do I write a résumé? Where can I find an internship? Our career services team is here to help students prepare for the next step, whether that’s a job, graduate school or service. Our team is located on the main floor of the Library, a convenient and student-friendly environment. All appointments are one-on-one with either a professional staff member or trained peer assistant. Schedule an appointment on Handshake today! 

Services Offered

We provide numerous services to help you continue on in your Pioneer journey, whether you're ready to dive into a career or carry on to graduate schooling. Services marked with an asterisk (*) may be performed by career services staff or by specially trained students. 

  • Resume and cover letter writing*
    • Whether it’s applying for a scholarship, a volunteer opportunity, a job, graduate school, etc., everyone needs a standout cover letter and a polished and professional resume highlighting their qualifications and skills. We’re here to help build a resume from the ground up, improve upon an existing one, tailor information to a specific opportunity, etc.
  • Internship search*
    • Internships help students develop professional networks, skills and confidence. These experiences also provide opportunities to learn more about specific careers and industries—helping students identify what types of work they’ll find most satisfying and meaningful. Not all majors require an internship, but performing at least one internship during college is recommended. Carroll offers exclusive access to internship postings via Handshake.
  • Job search*
    • What are the most effective searching techniques? Which job search engines are most helpful? How can I find salary information? We offer guidance and support whether students are ready to embark on their post-graduation search, or are looking for a way to earn extra cash during school. And it’s easy to find great opportunities via access to Handshake.
  • Interviewing preparation and mock interviews
    • Preparation is the key to a successful interview. Students learn best practices, how to answer questions and go over all the details necessary to get ready for the big day, in a safe and supportive environment. Mock interviews can be in-person, over the phone or video chat.
  • Major exploration
    • Some students know exactly what career they plan to prepare for at Carroll. We offer guidance for students seeking a major that will best provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to reach their career goals. We also work with many students who are still exploring, helping them learn more about a variety of majors and how those might translate into careers. Check out our undergraduate academic pages for career information related to specific majors.
  • Career exploration
    • Because students may be unaware of all the opportunities associated with their major and which of those offers the best match for their skills and interests, we help them explore the possibilities. We also discuss topics such as workplace culture, environment, differences between specific industries and more, to help them figure out the best fit. Check out our undergraduate academic pages for career information related to specific majors.
  • Graduate/professional school exploration
    • We work with students considering graduate school to determine if it’s right for what they want to do. Services include providing information on research programs, graduate schools and career pathways with a graduate or professional degree.
  • Personal statement writing
    • While this is most often associated with graduate school applications, it can be used in other scenarios as well. We help students brainstorm, explore and genuinely stand out in their personal statements.
  • LinkedIn*
    • We walk students through everything this important online tool has to offer, from the basics of creating a professional profile to navigating who to connect with, explore career pathways and find internship/job possibilities around the country.
  • Networking
    • This is the most common way to find a job, and we help students figure out how to do so effectively. That includes connecting with alumni, maximizing the network they already have and learning why a mentor is important. Students with a LinkedIn account can access more than 14,000 alumni. Carroll’s Career Connect offers another way to network with alumni through our in-house database.
  • Handshake
    • Explore job and internship postings via this premier tool. Upload documents (such as resumes and cover letters) for an electronic review. Make your profile public to allow employers to search for you and reach out for opportunities.

Annual Events

Network with 180+ organizations at Wisconsin’s largest private college fair. Typically held in spring, this fair connects employers and attendees with internships, jobs, graduate schools and service opportunities. Alumni are always welcome to attend!

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