Career Services for Parents and Family

College is a time of discovery and exploration. The career services team is here to guide students as they navigate the process of learning more about career options, what type of academic foundation is necessary for the types of careers they are interested in, and how they can prepare for a successful transition from Carroll to their first “real” job.
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A resource for students from the start

Our staff meets with all freshman cross-cultural seminar classes to provide a career services overview, take an interest assessment and create student profiles in Handshake, an elite network of higher education institutions and employers whose aim is to give all students access to great opportunities, no matter their school, major or background. We partner with academic advising and faculty members throughout our students’ time at Carroll, helping them navigate their academic pathway, which ultimately feeds into their career pathway.

In addition to classroom presentations and workshops, we have convenient and flexible hours to meet with students individually, discuss their career goals and any concerns they may have or answer general questions. Even when a student doesn’t know the right question to ask, we’re here to offer resources and guidance!

Supporting your Pioneer

What can you do to support your student through the career development process? We’ve got some helpful tips that will assist you in becoming a full partner in your student’s success.

  1. Listen and keep an open mind when discussing your student’s ideas and wishes in regard to potential careers
  2. Understand career decisions are a part of a process and likely to change throughout the course of your student’s time at Carroll. It’s completely natural and part of the exploration necessary to making informed choices about the career field, workplace environment and culture that will be the best fit for your student.
  3. Encourage your student to visit career services early in their Carroll career.
  4. Promote the value of professional learning opportunities such as internships to build important real world skills that supplement your student’s academic coursework.
  5. Support your student’s involvement in campus activities and organizations, as well as in the greater community. These opportunities are important in building critical interpersonal skills.
  6. Encourage your student’s use of academic support services to ensure their academic success as they build a foundational skillset.
  7. Discuss the value of developing a relationship with a professional mentor. Our career services team is available to connect your student to a Carroll alumnus.

Stay Involved with your Pioneer

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