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Pioneers Journey

Carroll University is the home of the Pioneers. This place is where students arrive from across the state, the region, the country and even the world. They come seeking their dreams. They come prepared to challenge themselves, to learn and to grow. They come because they already see something on the horizon. They come because they are Pioneers.

They are inspired, they are motivated, they are unique. And, for so many of them, the journey is not an individual undertaking. Ninety-eight percent of Carroll students receive some sort of financial aid. Carroll scholarships support Pioneers.

Sage Thomas

meet sage

The first thing you notice when you meet senior Sage Thomas is her smile. It's genuine, wide, and joyful. It's also real and hard earned.


Peter Burress

meet peter

Peter Burress '16 has made the most of his time at Carroll University. He ran cross country, played in the wind symphony, performed with the Carroll Players and served on student senate. He also explored our broad academic offerings, changing course once he found his passion.

Emina Halilovic

meet emina

The journey to Carroll from the battle-scarred streets of the small town in Bosnia where Emina was born has been long and incredible. Fortunately, Carroll's admissions counselors recognize determination and grit when they see it - and Emina has that in spades. And now she also has financial aid, in the form of scholarships which make a Carroll education possible. We couldn’t turn away a pioneer, could we?



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