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Online Information Sessions

Join us for online information sessions on a variety of topics to help you learn more about Carroll University's admission process and programs. Log in to to join the online information sessions and view recordings of past meetings.

October 2016
Filing the FAFSAOct. 56-7 p.m.
Physical Therapy Admission OverviewOct. 126-7 p.m.
Congrats! You're Accepted. Now What? Oct. 196-7 p.m.
Nursing Program at Carroll UniversityOct. 266-7 p.m.

November 2016
The PioneerCore | Learning Culture at Carroll University Nov. 26-7 p.m.
Physical Therapy Bound Major OptionsNov. 26-7 p.m.
Accepted/Confirmed Students - What's Next?Nov. 166-7 p.m.
Financial Aid for Accepted/Confirmed StudentsNov. 166-7 p.m.

December 2016
Academic Support for PioneersDec. 76-7 p.m.
Accepted/Confirmed Students - What's Next?Dec. 146-7 p.m.

January 2017
Understanding Financial Aid AwardsJan. 106-7 p.m.
Accepted/Confirmed Students - What's Next?Jan. 186-7 p.m.
Physical Therapy Early Decision vs. Regular DecisionJan. 256-7 p.m.

February 2017
Residence Life at Carroll UniversityFeb. 16-7 p.m.
Physical Therapy Early Decision Accepted StudentsFeb. 156-7 p.m.
Accepted/Confirmed Students - What's Next?Feb. 226-7 p.m.

March 2017
Understanding Financial Aid AwardsMar. 76-7 p.m.
Physical Therapy Regular Decision Accepted StudentsMar. 86-7 p.m.
Accepted/Confirmed Students - What's Next?Mar. 156-7 p.m.
Physical Therapy Bound StudentsMar. 226-7 p.m.

April 2017
Residence Life at Carroll UniversityApr. 56-7 p.m.
Accepted/Confirmed Students - What's Next?Apr. 196-7 p.m.
Physical Therapy Program Q & AApr. 266-7 p.m.
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