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Tuition Exchange Programs

Carroll University is a member of three tuition exchanges:

  • The Tuition Exchange (TTE)
  • The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Tuition Exchange
  • The Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU) Tuition Exchange

These exchanges are available to full-time, undergraduate students of eligible employees at participating institutions.

Process at Carroll University

  • Student applies to Carroll for full-time admission
  • Student/parent completes required tuition exchange paperwork at school where the parent works (home or exporting institution). If you don't know where to complete this, check with your Human Resources Office
  • Necessary tuition exchange paperwork is sent from the exporting school to Carroll's liaison officer
  • In January, Carroll will review all applications of those students accepted to Carroll and the first round of selections will be made
  • All other students not selected in first round will be placed on a waitlist
  • As spots are made available, waitlisted students will be notified until all spots are filled or no one remains on the waitlist


  • Carroll does not have a deadline to accept the tuition exchange paperwork. However, we recommend that you have it to us by the end of December to be considered for a tuition exchange spot for the following school year
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid - must be completed by April 1 of the year the student is planning to attend Carroll University

Number of Tuition Exchange Scholarships Available

  • The Tuition Exchange (TTE)
    • Typically, three incoming freshman scholarships
    • May be sophomore, junior or senior scholarships available based upon previous tuition exchange enrollment years.
  • CIC Tuition Exchange (CIC)
    • Typically three incoming freshman scholarships
    • May be sophomore, junior or senior scholarships available based upon previous tuition exchange enrollment years
  • APCU Tuition Exchange
    • No limit

What Tuition Exchange Scholarships Cover

  • TTE, CIC and APCU
    • Full-time undergraduate tuition (12-19 credits/semester) minus the amount of any federal/state grants or scholarships for which the student is eligible.
    • Winter and study abroad is not included under the tuition exchange benefits
    • Tuition exchange students are typically not eligible for campus employment
  • The Tuition Exchange (TTE)
    • Typically includes up to eight semesters: can be fall, spring or summer
  • CIC Tuition Exchange (CIC) and APCU
    • Typically includes up to eight consecutive semesters: fall and spring
    • Includes up to eight summer credits
      • Student must notify Carroll's liaison officer prior to the start of summer sessions
      • Student must have been enrolled the spring semester before and be registered for following fall semester

Renewal Process

  • Student
    • Must maintain 2.0 GPA
    • Complete the FAFSA each year by April 1
    • Meet financial aid progression standards
  • Parent
    • Must remain an eligible employee of the exporting school.
    • Must complete required paperwork at the exporting school each year
  • Carroll will recertify a student's tuition exchange application each year after all of the above requirements are met
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