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2013-2014 Tuition and Fees
Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition $27,039

*2 regular semesters during 1 academic year

*12-19 credits per semester


Standard Fees for Full Time Students  
Comprehensive fee $535
Activity fee $150
Charge per credit for each credit over 19 (non-nursing) $340
Charge per credit for each credit over 19 (nursing) $440
*All other fees are outlined in the 2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog


Housing Plans      
Residence Hall Triple Double Single
Begstroms, Steele, Swarthout, Kilgour $3,320 $4,535 $5,428
New Hall   $5,588  
Pioneer & Frontier Halls     $6,266
Charles House   $4,535 $5,428
Carroll Street & College Avenue Apartments $5,174 $5,664  
Hartwell Apartments $5,174 $5,664 $6,090
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Food Plans    
Cost per Semester
Meals/Semester or Meals/Week
Dining Dollars
Plan C $1,676 140 block reservation 140 meals per semester $250
Plan E $1,882 160 block reservation 160 meals per semester $350
Plan G $1,994 180 block reservation 180 meals per semester $375
Plan H $2,248 220 block reservation 220 meals per semester $425
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cost of attendance worksheet Cost of Attendance Worksheet
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Cost of Attendance
Cost of attendance includes all direct costs while attending school, as well as indirect costs (transportation, books and supplies and miscellaneous expenses). Cost of attendance budgets were constructed based on a student survey as well as fixed costs set by Carroll. These budgets are available upon request to all students. Students have the right to review their budget and request that their budget be re-evaluated based on additional expenses (i.e. study abroad programs, child care expenses, disability related expenses, etc). An increase in your educational budget may enable you to become eligible for additional student loans. Below are the most common budgets for full-time and part-time undergraduate students.

Full-time Undergraduate Students (Academic year budget)
  On-Campus Off-Campus
With Parents
Tuition $27,039 $27,039 $27,039
Fees $685 $685 $685
Book/Supplies $1,188 $1,188 $1,188
Room & Board $8,513 $2,624 $4,798
Miscellaneous $1,438 $1,819 $2,292
Transportation $1,241 $2,142 $1,961
Loan Fees $64 $64 $64
$40,168 $35,561 $38,027

*RA budget is the same as on-campus budget minus the room & board component; therefore, RA cost of attendance budget is $31,655.

**Remember, cost of attendance budgets are not what you owe to Carroll. These are budgets constructed to help with cost of attending college.

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