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Potential Course Selections for Dual Enrollment

Please note: Additional advanced classes may be available; however, advanced standing/prerequisites and special permission may be required. Please consult Carroll University's catalog. Most science classes also require a mandatory 3 hour lab component.

Courses may be full at the time of registration.

It is recommended that Dual Enrollment students list several options for district approval so that there are a variety of courses to consider/choose from.

*Prerequisite required
fa=fall offering, sp=spring offering

Accounting ACC205 fa/sp (Financial Accounting)
ACC206* fa/sp (Managerial Accounting)
Art ART103 fa or ART104 sp (Art History)
ART106 fa/sp (Drawing)
ART107 fa/sp (2D and 3D Design)
ART206* fa/sp (Intermediate and Life Drawing)
ART209 fa/sp (Photography)
ART225 fa/sp (Ceramics)
Aviation Science AVS101 TBA Aviation Science I (lab/flight lessons are optional; please be aware these lessons are not covered by district-approved funding)
Biology BIO131 fa (Genetics in Family and Society)
ANP130 fa ANP140* sp (Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II)
BIO131 sp (Human Genetics)
BIO120 fa BIO125* sp (Organismal Biology I and II)
Business BUS101 fa/sp (Intro to Business)
BUS290 fa/sp (Business Law)
Chemistry CHE101 fa/sp (General Chemistry)
CHE102* sp (Biological Chemistry)
CHE104 sp (Forensic Science)
CHE106 fa (Drug Discovery)
CHE109 fa CHE110 sp (Inorganic Chemistry I and II)
Communication COM101 fa/sp (speech)
COM 145 fa (Mass Communication)
COM150 fa/sp (Research Methodology)
COM200 fa (Interpersonal Comm)
COM202 fa-even (Small Group Comm)
COM203 fa (Advertising)
COM207 fa/sp (Intercultural Comm)
COM 208 sp (Intro Public Relations)
COM227 fa/sp (Technical Writing)
COM 232 TBA (Teams and Organizations)
COM 235 TBA (Gender and Society)
COM 237 sp (Advanced Newswriting & Reporting)
Computer Science CSC110 fa/sp (Problem Solving through Programming)
All other CSC classes by placement
Economics ECO105 fa (History of Economic Thought)
ECO124 fa/sp (Microeconomics)
ECO225* fa/sp (Macroeconomics)
ECO 306* fa (Microeconomic Theory)
ECO 307* sp (Macroeconomic Theory)
Education EDU102 fa/sp (Exploration in Education and Society)
Engineering GEN100 fa (Engineering Seminar I) or GEN 101* sp (Engineering Seminar II)
English ENG162 sp (Science Fiction and Gender)
ENG164 sp (American Indian Lit and Spirituality)
ENG165 fa (Cultural Exlpor of Race, Gender and Class)
ENG199 sp (Reading & Writing in the Sciences)
ENG214 fa (Global Film Thry and Criticism)
ENG226 fa (Africa: Lit and Culture)
Environmental Science ENV105 fa/sp (Intro Physical Geography)
ENV150 sp (Climate Science)
ENV120 fa/sp (Conservation and Environmental Improvement ENG138 sp (Cultural Geography)
French, German or Spanish By placement exam
History HIS103 fa/sp (Roots of Western World)
HIS104 fa/sp (Europe and Modern World)
HIS105 fa/sp or 106 fa/sp (American History)
HIS107 fa (Premodern World)
HIS108 fa (Understanding Contemp World)
HIS110 sp-even (History of Modern China)
HIS112 sp (History of Latin America)
Graphic Communication GRC106 fa/sp (Intro Comm Technology)
GRC150 fa/sp (Digital Toolbox)
Or other classes by placement
Health Care Admin HCA100 sp (Medical Terminology)
HCA150 sp (Intro to Health Care)
Math MAT160* fa/sp, MAT161* fa/sp, MAT207* fa (Calculus I, II and III)
MAT 205* sp (Discrete Math)
MAT 206* fa (Transition Advanced Math)
MAT 208* sp (Linear Algebra)
MAT 309* fa-even yrs (Differential Equations)
Music MUS111/113 fa (Music Theory I and Aural Skills I)
MUS112/114* sp (Music Theory II and Aural Skills)
MUS151 sp-even (History of Jazz)
MUS156 fa (Listening to Classical Music)
MUS157 sp-odd (Beethoven)
MUS158 sp (Rock Music)
Philosophy PHI101 fa/sp (Intro to Philosophy)
PHI105 fa (Logic)
PHI106 fa/sp (Ethics)
Politics/Global Studies POL103 fa (Politics of the World’s Nations)
POL141 fa/sp (Intro American Politics)
POL155 fa (Contemporary Global Politics)
Physics PHY203* sp 204* fa (Calculus Based Physics I and II)
Psychology PSY201* fa (Abnormal Psychology)
PSY206* sp (Developmental Psychology)
PSY211* fa (Industrial and Organizational Psychology)
PSY221* fa/sp (Life-Span Psychology)
PSY228* sp (Consumer Behavior)
PSY240* sp (Biopsychology)
PSY260* sp (Health Psychology)
Religion REL100 fa/sp (World Religions)
REL106 fa/sp (Understanding Religion)
REL102/103 fa/sp (Old/New Testament)
Sociology SOC101 fa/sp (Intro to Sociology)
SOC102 fa/sp (Social Problems)
SOC103 fa/sp (Intro Criminal Justice)
SOC110 fa/sp (Cultural Anthropology)


Contact Linda Sklander at for more information about dual enrollment options. Consult the Carroll University catalog for course descriptions and specific course details.

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