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Welcome to Carroll University, Wisconsin's very first college. We understand that selecting the right college is a big deal. You want to know what academic programs are offered, where the campus is located, how big the school is and, of course, how much it costs and what sort of financial aid may be available. We've got answers. From 1846 forward, we've been helping students like you find their unique place in the world.

Use the links below to find the information you'll need to begin your very own Pioneer journey.

Undergraduate Freshman

If you've graduated from high school, or will soon and haven't attended another college or university, start here

Full-time Transfer or Non-traditional Students

If you've already started undergraduate studies at another college or university and are thinking of transferring to Carroll, or are a non-traditional student without prior college experience, start here

Part-time Students

If you're ready for Carroll, but prefer to study part time, start here

Graduate Students

If you're ready for the next challenge after completing undergraduate studies, start here

International Students

If you're coming from another country or a non-US citizen who does not hold US permanent resident status, start here

Visiting Non-Degree Students

If you're not seeking a degree at this time but are interested in attending class during winter or summer break, start here

Dual Enrollment Program

If you're interested in taking classes at Carroll while you're still in high school, start here

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