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Admission Counselors

Contact our Admissions Counselors for any questions about Carroll University, our progams or how to apply for admission

Undergraduate Freshman Admission Counselors

If you're still in high school, contact the Caroll admissions counselor for the area where you live

Transfer, Adult and Graduate Student Admission Counselors

Admissions Counselors contact information for transfers, non-traditional and graduate students

Admission Contact Information

Telephone: 262-524-7220

Admission Staff

Lori P-Nowak
Administrative Assistant / Visit Coordinator
phone: 262-524-7220

Cheryl Kelley
Administrative Assistant
phone: 262-524-7218

Holly Holmes
Administrative Assistant
phone: 262-524-7222


Danielle Seib
Administrative Assistant
phone: 262-524-7219

Kim Loehrer
Administrative Assistant
phone: 262-524-4945

Jesse Warnke
Enrollment Evening Office Supervisor
phone: 262-524-7141

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