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Counselor Academic Report Form



Counselor Academic Report Form
*Applicant Last Name
*Applicant First Name
*Applicant Address
*Applicant City
*Applicant State
*Applicant ZIP
*High school guidance counselor or career counselor
*High School
Counselor email address
Number of students in class
Rank of student in class
The rank is?
Grading Scale (i.e. 4.00, etc.)
Highest GPA in the class is?
Applicant's cumulative GPA
How long have you known the applicant?
In what context have you known the applicant?
What are the first words that come to your mind to describe the applicant?
In comparison with other college-bound students at your school, the applicant's course selection is
I recommend this student

Please write whatever you think is important for us to know about the applicant.


I hereby certify that the information provided above was completed by a representative of the above stated high school.



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