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Q. Do you have to be a theatre major or minor to audition for the productions on campus?
A. Absolutely not! We are delighted to get as many people involved with the theatre process as possible, including freshmen. Auditions are open to all Carroll students, faculty and staff. All you have to do is find out when auditions are, sign up in the theatre lobby and find a monologue or song (depending on if it is a musical and/or what the director is looking for).

Q. What if don’t have a monologue or a song?
There are usually scripts available at the auditions to that you can read a selection as your audition piece. Can't find a song? Usually any well-known tune will do just fine!

Q. Are there benefits to being involved in a production?
Yes. You can earn credit for being in a Carroll production.

Q. What if I don’t want to audition for the show but I would like to help out backstage?
A. We are always looking for people to work backstage as run crew, light and/or soundboard operator and especially scene building. We also need ushers to handle the crowds during show times. There are a ton of things that can be done to assist the production of a show and any way you can help is greatly appreciated!

Q. How can I apply to be part of a production?
Just keep an eye out around campus for fliers about the Theatre Department or get in touch with either James Zager or Scott Boyle.

Q. Who are the Carroll Players and what do they do?
A. The Carroll Players are the oldest student theatre organization in Wisconsin. We have been around for more than 100 years! The Carroll Players is an overarching term used to describe Carroll's theatrical productions, as well as a social-support organization. Members of Carroll Players support the theatre at Carroll and within the greater Milwaukee area. You do not have to be a theatre major or minor to be a part of the players. If you would like to know more, check out the student organization page on the Carroll Web site or click on the link on the Theatre Arts program page. We hope to see you at a meeting sometime!

Q. Where can I find information about what is going on in the Theatre Department?
If you are on campus, stop by the theatre and check out what is going on. There will generally be someone there to answer your questions as well as information posted on the callboards. You can also check out the Theatre Program Web page on the Carroll Web site. There is up-to-date information about show times and other events in our department. Are you into Facebook? There is a Carroll Players group anyone can join and there are frequent discussion boards for all your theatre-based inquiries. Want to hear from one of our faculty? Make an appointment to talk to Scott Boyle, the technical director, or James Zager, who’s in charge of acting, or send them an e-mail.

Q. How many shows do you do per season? Do you do musicals?
At Carroll, we like to offer a variety of artistic experiences for students, so we put on numerous productions every year. We produce musicals, dramas, comedies, reviews and new works, and feature student and/or alumni directors and designers whenever possible.

Q. How do you pick which shows you do?
Shows for the next season are suggested by students and approved by faculty. We are always open for suggestions for upcoming shows or for participation of student directors and designers. If you can think of a way that you would like to get involved, we can find a place for you!

Q. Who directs the shows?
In addition to faculty, we have a spectacular network of guest directors that are some of the top names in the region. Many work at some of the finest Milwaukee theatres, including In Tandem Productions, First Stage Children's Theatre, and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. This is a great way to make professional contacts, and our alumni have gotten work through these connections. This is yet another reason to get involved with the productions here in the Otteson Theater way you can. Not only do you get a fantastic artistic experience, but you could also get a future job reference out of it!

Q. What are the major and minor requirements?
The theatre major requires about 45 credits for graduation; the minor requires about 20 credits. This, however, depends on which year’s academic catalog you are following. You also can visit the Undergraduate Programs page and click on theatre

Q. How will theatre classes help me if I’m not a theatre major or minor?
The great part about a liberal arts education is that taking courses in performing, designing, or technical theater will help make you an asset to future employers.

Q. Can I double major?
Absolutely! We have several students who double major, particularly in theatre and education. Our program of study, while extensive, is flexible and can accommodate any double major or minor.

Q. What classes do you offer?
We offer an extensive list of classes in virtually every aspect of the theatre experience. These include lighting, scene construction, costuming, acting (classical, contemporary), direction, stage-managing, advanced technical design and many others. For a complete list of classes, see our academic catalog at

Q. How many faculty members are there?
There are two full-time professors - James Zager and Scott Boyle. There is also one part-time professor and costume designer, Cecilia Mason-Kuenn. Teaching positions are supplemented by theatre professionals from Milwaukee. All the professors and guest artists are working professionals and bring you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Q. What types of study abroad programs are available?
Carroll University has a strong international studies program. The theatre program offers a bi-annual trip to London and opportunities to study in England and Wales at two of the top-rated theatre programs in the United Kingdom. These are opportunities that Carroll takes pride in because we believe in exposing students to multicultural experiences.

Q. Are there employment opportunities?
Yes. There are many jobs within the theater you can apply for through your financial aid package. These are need-based, so the numbers of hours you are allowed to work are determined by your financial aid status. Don’t have financial aid? We are always willing to take volunteers! You can do this by joining the Carroll Players or by just stopping down in the theater and asking what needs to be done. For more information about financial aid, visit the financial aid section of the Carroll Web site at

Q. What do your graduates do?
Believe it or not, there are jobs out there for people who graduate with theatre arts degrees! Within the last five years, our graduates have held these theatre-related jobs, internships and/or continued their professional theatre studies at these graduate schools:

  • Cast member – Disney Radio
  • Stage manager – In Tandem Theatre
  • Assistant stage manager - First Stage Children's Theatre
  • Dresser – Milwaukee Shakespeare
  • Box office assistant – Peninsula Players, American Folklore Theatre
  • Actors – Sunset Playhouse, Windfall Theatre, Theatre on Main, Caught in the Act, voice over and commercial work, Alverno College, Shadowbox Cabaret, “Mad Scientist” traveling show
  • Education director – Milwaukee Youth Theatre
  • House manager – Next Act Theatre, Renaissance Theatreworks
  • Lead stage manager – Six Flags Great America
  • Assistant director of First Stage Children’s Theatre: Hartland campus
  • Costume internship – Milwaukee Repertory Theatre
  • High school musical theatre directors – Germantown, Whitefish Bay, Waukesha, Montessori, Catholic Memorial, Hartford Union, Franklin Middle School
  • Director – Southminster Presbyterian Church
  • Teaching assistant – First Stage Children’s Theatre
  • Creative drama instructor – University of Wisconsin extension, Carroll Academy
  • Theatre staff – Camp Laurel, Maine – Premiere Arts camp
  • Properties internship – First Stage Children’s Theatre
  • Administrative coordinator - First Stage Children’s Theatre
  • Costume shop intern – Kalamazoo Opera Company
  • Improvisation Theatre group founders - D.U.M.B.
  • Events planner - Marquette University
  • Accounts manager - White House of Music
  • Assistant director, lighting designer, set designer , sound designer, costume designer, child wrangler - Montessori School
  • Improvisational workshops – Waukesha County Exposition Center
  • Light designer – Theatre on Main, Waukesha Civic Theatre, Sunset Playhouse
  • Design and construction - Gilly’s Haunted House
  • Freelance scene painter – New York City
  • Project team head – Quad/Graphics

Theatre Graduate Programs

  • UM-KC – stage management
  • University of South Dakota
  • University of Nevada – costume design
  • Cobalt Studios - highly specialized scene painting program
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