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Prosper in our Sociology Program, including our emphasis in Sustainability.Working toward sustainability in today’s quickly changing world is now more important than ever. In Carroll’s Sociology Program, faculty and students critically analyze contemporary social structures and institutions so as to be better prepared to engage our fast-paced and changing world. We examine the significant issues of our time and foster competencies to grapple with them. As a sociology major, you will be challenged to cultivate a sociological imagination and think outside the box to prepare for a purpose-filled career or graduate study.

The Sociology major and minor have two emphases:

  • Sociology of the Social World (SSW)
  • Sociology of Sustainability (SOS)

The SSW emphasis aims to:

  1. Prepare students to use sociological theory, methods and empirical evidence to critically examine the social world.
  2. Develop a sociological perspective for students to contribute to informed citizenship and lifelong learning in a diverse changing world.

The SOS mission, designed to be more green, is to:

  1. Train students to help lead more sustainable social systems;.
  2. Engage students in organizations and communities that are becoming more sustainable.
  3. Prepare students for more sustainable lifestyles and careers. 

The SSW helps create a well-rounded citizen able to actively participate in social life as a thoughtful professional, while working to ameliorate problems in today’s society. The SSW program is oriented toward helping students comprehend more deeply how social systems work and how these large social structures effect and shape individual lives. The SOS helps bridge today’s 1 percent and 99 percent, as well as other divides – whether red, blue, green or any color or class. It works toward social justice, equitable prosperity and environmental stewardship, offering career pathways in each. Beyond academic commitment, the SOS is also applied. It exposes students to green field activities in courses and programs. Students graduate poised to pioneer sustainable solutions to some of today’s most troubling problems.  

Upon graduating, you will be prepared to access the social world by moving on to graduate school or working in the community, business sector, government or a non-governmental organization (NGO). Recent sociology graduates have gone on to a wide array of fields, ranging from the Peace Corps, to marketing, to operating a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm business. Our students are taught to responsibly plan and prosper through their work life, and to creatively engage the social world as conscientious citizens. We help you succeed in all aspects of your life. Our goal is to create leaders who positively change the world. Come and prepare for the future with us.

Sociology Major and Minor, and Contacts

  • Sociology of the Social World
    • Dr. Richard Coon, associate professor, administers the sociology major/minor and the SSW emphasis, as well as the new SOS emphasis.
  • Sociology of Sustainability
    • Dr. William Tarman-Ramcheck, adjunct lecturer and sustainability consultant, helps administer the SOS emphasis.

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