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Sociology Program

Ignite your sociological imagination. Apply it to real-world problems. Discover your career and passion.

In Sustainability, Social Work, or Community Development.

Sociology prepares graduates for pursuing multiple careers in today's changing world. It equips them to understand societal and cultural forces driving these changes, and address important issues in real-world contexts. Carroll's Sociology Program prioritizes rigorous learning, knowledge application, and vocational relevance. As a sociology major, you will be challenged to cultivate a sociological imagination and foster personal competencies for applying it in and outside the classroom. Our goal as faculty is preparing you for a purpose-filled career, life vocation of service, or future graduate study through internships, field experiences, and scholarship.

Join us in finding your direction and future in our world. Become a Pioneer Sociologist!

The Sociology program offers both a major and minor. It prepares students to use sociological theory, research methods, and empirical evidence to critically examine the social world and current issues. Our goal is developing and training students with a sociological perspective to foster their practice of informed citizenship and lifelong learning in a diverse changing world. The Sociology Program provides several recommended course tracks as options to prepare graduates for careers in the fields of:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Social Work
  3. Community Development

The Social Work recommended course track of Carroll University's Sociology Program prepares graduates for earning their masters of social work (MSW), especially in combination with majors in Criminal Justice or Psychology.

Sociology Minor - MCAT preparation

Are you planning to attend medical school? In 2015 the Association of American Medical Colleges added a new section to the MCAT on social and behavioral sciences and changed it to include questions about sociology. Students preparing for careers in medical and health sciences can use a Sociology Minor to prepare for passing the MCAT, and meeting Carroll's general education (PioCore) requirements for graduation.

See the following links to learn more or view sample MCAT questions on sociology:

Internships, Field Experiences, and Student Research

Faculty in the Sociology program strongly recommends you participate in out-of-classroom internships, field experiences, and student research while studying at Carroll. These are opportunities to apply classroom knowledge in 'real-world' contexts, gain vocational experience, and obtain networking contacts for employment after graduation. We assist students in participating in these opportunities as you identify and develop your career, vocational, and personal interests. Sociology majors take semester-length internships with a variety of organizations, undertake field projects in vocational settings, and engage in sponsored summer research as PioScholars.

Alumni and Graduates of the Sociology Program

Recent sociology graduates work in a wide array of career and vocational fields, ranging from marketing, to operating a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm business to the Peace Corps. Our students are taught to responsibly plan and prosper through their work life, and to creatively engage the social world as conscientious citizens. We help you succeed in all aspects of your life. Our goal is to create leaders who positively change the world. Come and prepare for the future with us.

Sociology Program Inquiries and Questions

Dr. Aaron Routhe, Ph.D.
Sociology and Sustainability Program
Department of Communication and Sociology
Carroll University

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