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The Religous Studies Program offers a major and minor in religious studies.

Explore the variety of religious thought and practice
Religious studies seeks to understand the full range of human religiosity as it appears in diverse cultures, in many times and places, from ancient Greece to modern Thailand, from Christianity to Buddhism and Islam, from women in religion to religion and politics.

Consider religion from various perspectives
We approach religions (and religion) from diverse disciplinary perspectives, including historical, sociological, anthropological, theological, philosophical and psychological, including cognitive studies.

Take advantage of a religious studies degree in many ways
Critical thinking and communication skills are universally valued. Religious studies majors go into law, social work, psychology, non-profit and public advocacy work, ministry, higher education, business, journalism and editing, politics and many other fields.

Religious studies makes a great first or second major
Recent religious studies majors have also majored in psychology, history, criminology, communication, and social work. Other good combinations might include PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) or writing, particularly for those interested in journalism or politics.

Sample courses
Asian Religions
Religious Traditions in America
New Testament
Religions of the Contemporary World
History of Christian Thought
Understanding Religion

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