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Therapeutic Recreation Emphasis
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Therapeutic Recreation Emphasis

Students in a variety of majors at Carroll can enhance their degree by adding a certificate in recreation therapy. The Therapeutic Recreation Emphasis courses are conducted in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in a flexible and accessible online format.

Students majoring in our Sports and Recreation Administration Program are likely to be the primary users of this certification route; however other students may opt to use this course sequence. Exercise Science, Nursing, Physical Education or Psychology majors are well prepared and alternative courses of study.

Recreation therapy uses recreational activities to help improve an individual's physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual and leisure functioning for a better life. The Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, also known as a Recreation Therapist, assists clients to develop skills, knowledge and behaviors for daily living and community involvement. The therapist works with the client and his/her family to incorporate specific leisure interests and community resources into therapy to improve that personís life.

Program Highlights

This emphasis is designed for a broad audience of individuals who work with people with disabilities. The program focuses on the development of knowledge and acquisition of skills and abilities in the areas of Health and Therapeutic Recreation. In preparation for the nationally recognized certification examination, coursework covers topic areas included in the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification Job Analysis categories. Courses present the concepts of health, wellness, disease and illness in relation to quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Specific skill development in the areas of assessment and facilitation techniques is also taught and complemented with an ongoing focus on emerging issues in the field of therapeutic recreation.

To Become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Completion of this emphasis allows the individual to meet one portion of the academic coursework required for the credential as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

Additional requirements are needed to fully qualify for the credential. The additional requirements include:

  • Supportive coursework
  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree
  • One year of direct care experience under the direction of a Certified Therapeutic recreation Specialist

Completion of these requirements will meet Equivalency Path B of the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification requirements for exam eligibility. Please refer to the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification Standards for additional information.

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