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Recreation Management Required Courses

Recreation Management Major
Bachelor of Science

Core Courses (52 Credits)
Health Science 101, Introduction to Health Care Skills (1 credit)
Health Science 103, Personal and Community Health (4 credits)
Health Science 105, Group Exercise Instruction (1 credit)
Health Science 110, Basic Weight Training Instruction (1 credit)
Health Science 120, Fundamental Motor Development (4 credits)
Health Science 303, Exercise Physiology (4 credits)
Health Science 322, Kinesiology (4 credits)
Exercise Science 324, Exercise Science Laboratory (2 credits) or
   Physical Education 324, Physical Education Laboratory (2 credits)
Exercise Science 315, Exercise Science Practicum I (1 credit)
Exercise Science 407, Facility Operations (3 credits)
Exercise Science 435, Exercise Science Practicum II (1 credit)
Physical Education 208, Organization and Administration of Physical Education/Athletics (2 credits)
Physical Education 214, Teaching Outdoor Activities in Physical Education (2 credits)
Physical Education 311, Team Sports and Officiating (3 credits)
Physical Education 312, Individual/Dual and Lifetime Activities (3 credits)
Physical Education 411, Adapted Physical Education (4 credits)
Physical Education 421, Psycho-Social Aspects of Physical Activity (4 credits)
Recreation 405, Recreational Programming (4 credits)
Recreation 410, Recreation Administration and Supervision (4 credits)

Capstone Course (12 Credits)
Recreation 480, Recreation Management Internship (12 credits)

Required Support Courses (16 Credits)
Biology 130, Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 credits)
Biology 140, Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4 credits)
Computer Science 107, Problem Solving Using Information Technology (2 credits)
Mathematics 112, Introduction to Statistics (4 credits)
Athletic Training 101, Athletic Training Seminar I (2 credits)

Therapeutic Recreation Emphasis
Bachelor of Science

Emphasis Certification Coursework
18 credits of supported courses are required in Therapeutic Recreation or Recreation Management. 12 of those 18 credits must be Therapeutic Recreation specific. All courses with an asterisk are offered online only, in collaboration with UW-Milwaukee.
Recreation 405 and 410 are currently offered on campus and required in the Recreation Management major. Specific course descriptions are located in the Recreation Management section of the catalog.

UW-M Online courses:
REC 203, Recreation as a Therapeutic Intervention (3 credits)*
REC 300, Therapeutic Recreation Assessment and Documentation (4 credits)*
REC 308, Therapeutic Recreation in Physical Rehabilitation and Behavioral Health (4 credits)*
REC 310, Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation (4 credits)*
REC 400, Therapeutic Recreation Trends (3 credits)*

Carroll University courses:
REC 405, Recreational Programming (4 credits)
REC 410, Recreation Administration and Supervision (4 credits)

Required Emphasis Support Courses
(Required supportive coursework for CTRS Exam)
BIO 130, Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)
BIO 140, Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)
HSC 120, Fundamental Motor Development (4 credits)
PSY 101, Introductory Psychology (4 credits)
PSY 201, Abnormal Psychology (4 credits)

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