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Scheel, Matthew, PhD

Department of Life Sciences
Associate Professor
Office: Rankin 308
Office Phone: 262-524-7253
B.A. Winona State University
M.A. Minnesota State University, Mankato
Ph.D. University of Nevada
Areas of Specialization:
Learning theory; distribution of practice effects; problem solving; animal intelligence
Scholarly and Professional Achievements:
Peer-reviewed publications:

Scheel, M.H., & Edwards, D. (2012). Captive spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) arm-raise to solicit allo-grooming. Behavioural Processes, 89(3), 311-313.

Scheel, M.H., Fischer, L.A., McMahon, A.J., Mena, M.M., & Wolf, J.E. (2012). The implicit relational assessment procedure (IRAP) as a measure of women’s stereotypes about gay men. Current Research in Social Psychology, 18(2), 11-23.

Gardner, R.A., Scheel, M.H., & Shaw, H.S. (2011). Pygmalion in the laboratory. American Journal of Psychology. 124(4), 455-461.

Scheel, M.H. (2010). Resource depletion promotes automatic processing: Implications for distribution of practice. Psychological Reports, 107(3), 860-872.

McMahon, A.J., & Scheel, M.H. (2010). Glucose promotes controlled processing: Matching, maximizing, and root beer. Judgment and Decision Making, 5(6), 450-457.

Simpson, D., & Scheel, M. (2008). Whatever happened to baby Nim? [Review of the book Nim Chimpsky: The chimp who would be human]. PsycCRITIQUES-Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 53(38).

Gardner, R. A., & Scheel, M. H. (2000). Momentum feeds forward. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 23(1), 98-99.

Recent Conference Presentations:

Scheel, M.H., & Hillmer, R.E. (2011, November). Multiple-choice probability-learning in rats. Poster presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Seattle, Washington.

McMahon, A.J., & Scheel, M.H. (2010, November). Glucose promotes controlled processing: Matching, maximizing and root beer. Poster presented at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, St. Louis, Missouri.

Scheel, M.H., O'Brien, K., Puskar, B., Haberkost, R., & Martin, S. (2009, August). Multiple-choices encourage optimal responding by rats in a noncontingent probability-learning procedure. Poster presented at the 2nd annual meeting of the Wisconsin Association for Behavior Analysis, Madison, Wisconsin.

Scheel, M.H., & Edwards, D. (2009, May). Captive black-handed spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) gesture to solicit allo-grooming. Poster presented at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, Fullerton, California.

Scheel, M., & Hanson, R. (2008, May). Sex differences in perseveration of set. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago, Illinois
Honors and Awards:
Pioneer Scholars Grant, Carroll University, “Glucose and dichotic listening: An auditory test of Perceptual Load Theory”, 2012. Aimee Ambrose, Student Collaborator.

Pioneer Scholars Grant, Carroll University, “The effect of glucose on probability reasoning”, 2010. Anthony McMahon, Student Collaborator.

Pioneer Scholars Grant, Carroll University, “Reconciliation behavior in captive spider monkeys”, 2008. Dori Edwards, Student Collaborator.

Truckee Meadows Community College Certificate of Teaching Excellence, Spring, 2007

College of Social and Behavioral Research Grants, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Mankato State University, “Behavioral Momentum and Performance Enhancement”, 1996-1997. Daniel Houlihan, Faculty Collaborator.

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