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"Law school admission committees are usually impressed by applicants who can convincingly demonstrate that they've challenged their thinking and reasoning skills in a diverse course of undergraduate study. While no single curricular path is the ideal preparation for law school, you should choose courses that sharpen analytical reasoning and writing skills. You can acquire these attributes in courses in almost any field. It's not so much a matter of what you study as it is a matter of selecting courses that interest you, challenge you and require that you use researching and writing skills. You want to maximize your comprehension and expression in words, your critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which the law deals, and your creative power in thinking.

Undergraduate programs should reveal your capacity to perform well at an academically rigorous level. An undergraduate career that is narrow, unchallenging or vocationally oriented is not the best preparation for law school. In general, law schools prefer that you reserve your legal study for law school and fill your undergraduate curriculum with broad, diverse and difficult courses."

(from The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools published by Law Services)

Some considerations...

  • Go to law school only if you want to go...not because family, friends, professors, etc. want you to go.
  • Understand that television depicts law differently than what actually occurs...for instance, not all law firms are like The Practice or Ally McBeal.
  • Not all law occurs in the court room; in fact only about 5% of all lawyers actually step foot in a court room. (from the ABA)
  • Be prepared for massive amounts of research and writing.
  • You might be surprised how much you can do...some lawyers work in bioethics, sports law and take part in the human genome project.
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