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[photo] students in classroom


[photo] students in classroom

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Physics is the study of “why.” It is the purpose of the student of physics to understand the fundamental laws of the universe – the principles that govern the way matter and energy behave and interact. It includes the study of natural phenomena, from the sub-atomic scale to the scale of the cosmos, and it interests itself in topics as mundane as pendulums to those as exotic as quasars and dark matter. The critical thinking skills developed through the study of the laws of nature prepare students for success in a wide variety of careers. Physics majors are employed in fields such as medicine, law, business, industrial research and development, engineering, and computer software and systems.

Carroll University offers a bachelor of science degree in applied physics, as well as a minor in physics. The physics minor meets the requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for teaching certification at the secondary level. Additionally, there are opportunities for undergraduates to participate in physics research both on and off campus to better prepare for further education in physics or engineering. The applied physics major prepares students for success in a variety of careers by building a solid foundation in the physical sciences and mathematics. The successful graduate will be prepared for graduate studies in physics or engineering, or for direct entry into the work place.

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