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Pre-Physical Therapy Majors at Carroll University

Choose the Path That Works Best For You

Physical therapists are essential members of the health care industry. Physical therapists provide rehabilitation, injury prevention, health maintenance and wellness advocacy, and the field is booming! The US government predicts a 36 percent growth in PT jobs by 2022 and the median annual wage for physical therapists was $81,000 in 2013.

At Carroll University, your path to a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree is quick and flexible. You can choose from a wide variety of undergraduate majors and, in most sequences, you can complete your DPT in just six years.*

Carroll University offers ten majors that are approved for physical therapy direct admission students. Direct admission provides selected incoming freshmen matriculating directly out of high school with a guaranteed seat in the graduate level of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program (DPT).

Each major offers a common core of pre-physical therapy prerequisite courses, providing you with the foundation needed for DPT graduate school. The Carroll physical therapy program also offers an accelerated time to completion for eight out of the nine approved majors. The accelerated time to completion allows students to complete both their bachelor's and DPT degrees in a total of six years as opposed to seven.

Students will perform best and be most successful in a major they are passionate about. At Carroll, you get to decide which major best fits your pursuit of a career in physical therapy.


* The athletic training major is the only pre-physical therapy major approved as a seven-year completion plan, which entails four years of undergraduate study and three years of graduate study. All other majors are approved for six-year completion plans.

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