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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program admits qualified students regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin or handicap that does not interfere with the performance of professional nursing as provided by law. Students can enter the program one of two ways:

Direct Admission – Individuals matriculate directly from high school into the nursing major with successful completion of the following:

  1. At minimum, one year of high school algebra II, biology and chemistry (grade C or better).
  2. Attain an ACT of 21 or higher and high school cumulative G.P.A. 2.75 or higher.
  3. Applicants who have English as a Second Language are required to take the TOEFL and achieve a score of 79, unless satisfactory ACT/SAT scores are available.
  4. Submission of the Technical Standards for Admission to and Progression in the Nursing Program and the Background Information Disclosure Forms.

    In some instances, applicant files are referred to a Selection Committee for review and action. That body might grant admission provided certain conditions are met or may require the student to satisfy specified criteria.

Delayed Admission: Students who enroll at Carroll, not having been admitted to the
program through direct admission, including pre-nursing, change of major and transfer
student applicants, may apply to the nursing major upon satisfaction of the following

  1. Submission of an application for the Nursing Program, and, if a transfer student, submission of a Carroll University application.
  2. Submission of transcripts from an accredited secondary school and all post-secondary institutions attended. Applicants must be eligible to return in good standing (be free of academic or disciplinary probation) to all institutions previously attended as documented on the academic report form.
  3. Attain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher in college coursework.
  4. Earn a professional GPA of 2.75 or higher in college coursework, including
    completion of BIO 130 and CHE 101 (grade of BC or higher)
  5. A minimum course grade of BC is required in all transfer coursework used to calculate the professional GPA.
    BIO 140
    BIO 212
    CHE 101
    CHE 102
    CHE 208
    HSC 300
    Nursing electives
  6. Submission of the Technical Standards for Admission to and Progression in the
    Nursing Program and the Background Information Disclosure forms.
  7. Admission and progression standards are subject to change based on regulatory,
    licensing and/or certification needs.
  8. Written statement to include reason for seeking the BSN degree.
    Applications and credentials for admission to the nursing program must be submitted to the Office of Admission. Decisions are made by a selection committee and applicants are notified through the Office of Admission. Students not admitted to the nursing program are encouraged to seek career counseling through the Career Center.

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