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Bachelor of Music Education
The Bachelor of Music Education prepares students to enter the teaching profession and is fully approved by the Department of Public Instruction. Emphases are offered in the areas of vocal music, instrumental music, and general music. A rigorous course of study in music theory, music history, conducting, and performance makes up the core of the curriculum and well prepares future educators for significant professional lives and careers.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Business
The BA degree in Music Business prepares students to enter a variety of professions, including arts management, music retail sales, marketing for arts organizations, and many others. The capstone course in the program consists of a semester internship at a local music business that provides hands-on experience.

Bachelor of Arts in Performance
The BA in performance is a specialized degree for the aspiring professional performer. A special audition is required in the freshman year for admittance to the program. Students graduating with this degree typically establish careers in opera or orchestra, open their own private teaching studio, or continue with graduate study in performance at other institutions.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts--Music
The BA in Liberal Arts—Music consists of study in the basic core subjects of music—music theory, music history, performance and conducting—and allows students to double major in music and another field.

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