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Music Education

Bachelor of Music Education (BME)

The Bachelor of Music Education degree prepares students for a teaching career of distinction and leadership. The program is jointly administered by the Carroll University education department and meets all of the Wisconsin Department of Public Education requirements for K-12 teacher certification. Students specialize in one or more areas: Instrumental, Choral, or General.

The central philosophy of the music education program is that music teachers can be truly effective only by first becoming accomplished musicians themselves, capable of performing, conducting, and analyzing at a sophisticated level. The music program provides extensive training within the discipline of music, including performance, conducting, theory and analysis, and music history. Music education students are given opportunities to conduct university ensembles in both rehearsal and performance.

All music education students are required to take private lessons on a primary instrument and participate in one or more ensembles every semester except when student teaching. Students perform two half-hour solo recitals in successive years, usually during the junior and senior year. All students must also complete a voice competency requirement and piano proficiency exam.

Any student may be admitted to the music program with provisional status for the first year of study. At the end of the first year, all music students must pass an entrance audition for full music major status. Students undergo a portfolio review at the end of the sophomore year to discuss career goals and progress in the degree.

Music education students participate in field observations in a variety of school settings, and complete a semester of student teaching, which includes placement in both a high school and middle school setting.

Upon graduation, students join our extensive network of music education alumni, among the most respected and honored music teachers in the state.

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