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Music Program Areas of Study
music program areas of study

Music Program Areas of Study

The music program offers professional degrees as a preparation for a variety of careers, including music performance, music education, and music business. The music program also offers a liberal arts degree as well as coursework and performance experience for students who wish a deeper understanding of music to be part of their education.

Bachelor of Music Education

This professional degree prepares students to a high level within the discipline of music, including performance, theory and history, and, at the same time, prepares future teachers for careers of distinction and leadership. The central philosophy of the degree is that music teachers can be most effective only by first becoming accomplished musicians themselves, capable of performing, conducting and analyzing at a sophisticated level.

In summary, this degree offers Carroll students distinctive advantages, including:

  • A reasonable credit load that allows students to graduate in four years.
  • A high percentage of music study that develops advanced musical skills.
  • Concentrated study in music while retaining a solid grounding in the liberal arts.
  • An enriched music teacher training program with the introduction of new courses in methods of teaching and music literature not often found at the undergraduate level.

Course Information

Music Therapy

Carroll University's Music Therapy program offers students an education in the basic core subjects of music, psychology, and medicine, as well as training in clinical settings. Students receive instruction in guitar, piano, and voice, music history, songwriting, improvisation and conducting, as well as psychology, biology, anatomy and physiology, and specialized courses in music therapy techniques. Learn more >>

Bachelor of Arts: Music - Performance Emphasis

The BA in performance is a specialized degree for the aspiring professional performer. A special audition is required in the freshman year for admittance to the program. Students graduating with this degree typically establish careers in opera or orchestra, open their own private teaching studio, or continue with graduate study in performance at other institutions.

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Bachelor of Arts: Music - Liberal Arts Emphasis

The BA in Liberal Arts - Music consists of study in the basic core subjects of music (music theory, music history, performance and conducting) and allows students to double major in music and another field.

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Bachelor of Arts: Music - Business Emphasis

The BA degree in Music Business prepares students to enter a variety of professions, including arts management, music retail sales, marketing for arts organizations, and many others. The capstone course in the program consists of a semester internship at a local music business that provides hands-on experience.

Music Minor

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