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Music Therapy Program (pending AMTA approval)
music therapy program

Music Therapy Program at Carroll University

Carroll University's new Music Therapy program offers students an education in the basic core subjects of music, psychology, and medicine, as well as training in clinical settings. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to take the Board Certification Exam to become therapists helping to heal people in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics, schools and more.

Students receive instruction in guitar, piano, and voice, music history, songwriting, improvisation and conducting, as well as psychology, biology, anatomy and physiology, and specialized courses in music therapy techniques.

Examples of Credentialed Music Therapy Work

  • Help patients who have suffered brain injuries or strokes regain their speech
  • Lessen the effects of dementia in the elderly
  • Improve sleep patterns and increase weight gain in premature infants
  • Reduce asthma episodes in children and adults
  • Improve communication capabilities for children with autism

Why Carroll University?

Carroll University's Music Therapy program is the only coed higher education program in Wisconsin.

Because of Carroll's strength in the health sciences, students have a unique opportunity to work alongside their future colleagues in nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and other programs.

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