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About Mathematics

About the Mathematics Program

Learning Outcomes

The major in mathematics is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for certification in mathematics. Students must normally maintain a 2.75 grade point average in the major to remain in good standing in the Teacher Education Program.

Students majoring in mathematics are expected to:

  1. Learn to read, write, speak and do mathematics.
  2. Demonstrate competence in the use of appropriate technology in support of mathematical calculation, symbolic manipulation and graphical analysis.
  3. Demonstrate their understanding of the nature of mathematical proof.
  4. Apply mathematics to a variety of problems in the natural, computational and social sciences.
  5. Learn the contributions of mathematics and mathematicians to the growth of knowledge.
  6. Prepare for advanced studies in mathematics or for a profession.
  7. Develop an appreciation for mathematics as an art.


  • The program offers majors in mathematics and actuarial science, and three minors.
  • All courses develop logical thinking, quantitative reasoning and deductive analysis.
  • Graduate school placement for Carroll mathematics graduates is outstanding.
  • The program gives strong preparation for graduate study in areas such as biostatistics, computer science, economics, forestry, genetics, meteorology, operations research, physics, psychology, sociology and most engineering fields.
  • The major combined with a secondary education minor leads to certification by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to teach mathematics in high school or middle school.
  • Students have the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree in mathematics and complete a second major such as computer science, business or chemistry within four years.


  • Students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned and make valuable contacts for the future.
  • Various student teaching locations are in southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Students gain experience with firms in southeastern Wisconsin such as:
    • Milliman & Roberts
    • Assurant
    • Northwestern Mutual


  • One-third of Carroll graduates with a mathematics major work in the world of:
    • Computer science
    • Actuarial science
    • Finance
    • Operations research
    • Biomathematics
    • Cryptography
    • Engineering
    • Systems Analyst
    • Teaching
  • Most students have a job at the time of graduation.
  • One-third of Carroll graduates with mathematics majors go into secondary education with 100 percent placement.
  • One-third of Carroll graduates with mathematics majors go on to graduate school.

Recent Graduate School Locations

  • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Penn State
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • University of Indiana
  • Colorado State University

Special Features

  • Small class sizes encourage close contact between students and professors.
  • Students have the opportunity to be hired to staff the mathematics laboratory and tutor other students.
  • There is a network of alumni committed to assisting majors in career placement.
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