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  • Carroll offers a major in marine biology or oceanography through an innovative collaboration with Hawaii Pacific University (HPU). Students spend two years at Carroll completing coursework in biology, chemistry, mathematics and the liberal arts, then transfer to HPU to complete the requirements of the marine biology or oceanography degree. Students making satisfactory academic progress have guaranteed credit transfer to HPU.

  • The objectives of the marine science program are to help students gain a rigorous scientific understanding of the world’s oceans and the life they contain, and a sense of appreciation for their beauty and fragility.

  • In both the Carroll phase and the HPU phase of the program, students are given a solid foundation in both basic and applied sciences. We believe hands-on experience is one of the most valuable learning tools, and so provide ample opportunities for field observations and laboratory experiments.

  • At HPU, the lecture and laboratory facilities are located at the university’s Hawaii Loa campus, only a 20-minute drive from Kaneohe Bay, a large, natural embayment protected from the open ocean by the only true barrier reef in the Hawaiian Islands. This bay is one of the few places in the U.S. where one can see three different types of coral reef at one time: fringing reefs, patch reefs and a barrier reef.

[photo] student on boat at HPU       marine biology


A degree in Marine Sciences prepares you for a wide variety of careers, and the Carroll/HPU partnership gives you the depth and breadth for success. Some possible career options include:
  • Aquaculturist
  • Coastal zone manager
  • Energy and mineral explorer
  • Environmental health specialist
  • Environmental planner
  • Fisheries scientist
  • Marine ecologist
  • Museum and aquarium administrator
  • Oceanography technician
  • Salt marsh manager
  • Technical writer
  • Water pollution technician


  • Extensive faculty contact in classes and laboratories.
  • Personalized student advising.
  • Active chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the national biological honor society.
  • Opportunities for independent study.
  • Advanced courses ranging from molecular biology to ecology offer students breadth and depth across the spectrum of modern biology and its marine applications.


  • Students have access to a variety of modern equipment for use in classroom and independent research investigations. Resources available include those needed for physiological recording, molecular biology, microscopy, histology, biochemistry and environmental monitoring.
  • In Hawaii, field exercises are conducted aboard the R.V. Kaholo, a 42-foot catamaran converted for oceanographic investigations, and in various intertidal regions found around the island of O’ahu.


Dr. Chris Winn,
Director of the Marine Sciences program at HPU



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