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  Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Information Technology Program are able to:

  1. Think creatively and analytically in technological problem-solving.
  2. Problem-solve using productivity software and through computer programming.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of information system and technology evaluation and management.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the application of new and developing technologies with sensitivity for security and ethical issues at global, societal, organizational, and personal levels.
  5. Work effectively as part of a team.

The CSC and IT programs are grounded in the liberal arts tradition, balance theory and practice, and focus on the problem-solving skills necessary for lifelong learning in a field characterized by rapid change in technology.

We succeed in our mission by preparing our students through classroom work and appropriate external internships to secure fulfilling careers in the field of their choosing.

The world has entered an era of rapid technological advancement. The Internet and World Wide Web have increasingly become critically important in corporate strategies and personal development. We recognize this by integrating the latest technologies into the curricula. The curricula are designed to emphasize problem-solving, multiple programming paradigms, and higher order thought processes that will always be needed by corporate America under any business models.
Several emphases and minors are available within the computer science or information technology program. Each allows students to begin taking required major courses during the fall semester of the freshman year.

Information Technology majors may select the:

  • Web Application Development emphasis if they wish to work as developers of Web applications, as network or database administrators.
  • Business and Social Applications emphasis if they wish to work technologically as analysts in a business or social environment.
  • Computer Networking emphasis if they wish to work as a computer network specialist to design computer networks, manage network security, and improve business data communications.
  • Computer Game Development emphasis if they wish to work as a game designer, game programmer, producer, and applications software developer.
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