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Program Facts

Mission Statement
The Honors Program at Carroll University encourages motivated and talented students to pursue a breadth and depth of knowledge within an enriched curriculum. The program creates an environment designed to challenge students' perspectives and foster intellectual development.

Admission to and Progression in the Honors Program

The Carroll Student Scholars Committee (CSSC) envisions an Honors Program with approximately 100 undergraduate students.

Students are invited to apply to the Honors Program at one of two times – as prospective students (as part of the admission process) or after their first semester. Invitations are issued to incoming students who show strong academic promise based on their high school performance and college entrance examination scores. Full-time freshman students who demonstrate academic excellence during their first semester by attaining an overall GPA of 3.50 or better are also invited to apply early in spring semester. All applicants are also judged on the quality of a short essay that they submit to the CSSC.

Participation in the Honors Program is indicated on the student's official transcript and is recognized at graduation. If a student leaves the program for any reason, any Honors courses taken to that point are still indicated on the transcript. All Honors courses have an "H" designation in addition to the course number.

To complete the Honors Program successfully, students must graduate with (1) a cumulative GPA of at least 3.40 and (2) a grade of at least a "B" in each Honors course. The CSSC has established the following criteria for continuation in the program:

    A student must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.20 at the end of the first year of studies to continue in the program in her/his second year.

    A student must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 at the end of the second year of studies to continue in the program in her/his third year.

    A student must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30 at the end of the third year of studies to continue in the program in her/his fourth year.

If a student experiences extenuating circumstances (e.g., the death of a loved one, illness, change in major) that cause a substandard GPA and separation from the program, the student is allowed one appeal to the CSSC for reinstatement.

A student must make "normal progress" in the program by completing at least one Honors core course by the end of the second year of studies and at least two Honors core courses by the end of the third year of studies.

Although there is currently no official adviser to Honors students, this is a role that either the director or members of the CSSC may fulfill. To initiate the advising process, we hold information sessions for incoming Honors scholars. Students with questions regarding the Honors Program should contact Jodi Weaver ( at the Carroll University Scholars Center.

Honors Program Courses

Students normally take six courses in the Honors Program (out of a total of 32 required to graduate from the University). All of these will meet University graduation requirements.

    1. CCS100H Cultural Seminar (4 cr.)
    2. ENG170H Writing Seminar (4 cr.)
    3. CCS400H Global Perspectives Colloquium (2 cr.)
    4. Three of the following (more if CCS100H and ENG170H are not taken):
      i. S1H - Honors Social Science General Education Course
      ii. F1H - Honors Fine Arts General Education Course
      iii. N1H - Honors Natural Science General Education Course
      iv. H1H - Honors Humanities General Education Course
      v. P1H - Honors Philosophy/Ethics/Religion General Education Course
      vi. Pioneer Scholars Project
      vii. Semester or Year abroad
      viii. Contract course (only one permitted, beginning with sophomore status)

Benefits of Participation in the Honors Program

The most important benefit of the program is the opportunity for students to develop their intellectual skills more intensively and at a higher level than they would be able to in regular Carroll University courses. Honors courses generally involve fewer students, more active participation by students and more unique and innovative learning experiences than other courses. Even so, the Honors courses that fulfill general education requirements are designed with non-majors in mind and do not assume any special background knowledge or preparation.

Honors scholars are invited to participate in a number of cultural events at area museums, galleries, universities and other special facilities. They are also invited to social events both on and off campus that encourage and develop friendship and camaraderie among Honors scholars.

Students in the program are eligible for priority registration for all of their courses (not just Honors courses). This means that they may register the day before seniors, and are thus normally assured of getting into the courses they prefer.

Students in good standing after their first year in the program are invited to participate in Carroll's study abroad programs (for example, Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Universidad de la Salle Bajio in Mexico, Lingan University in Hong Kong, etc.).

Honors scholars receive official recognition of their accomplishments at Commencement and on university transcripts. It is important to note, however, that even if a student chooses not to participate in the Honors Program, s/he will still be eligible for Latin honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude) at graduation if he/she meets the required grade point criteria.

Students graduating as members of the Honors Program will be reimbursed up to $100 for payment of graduate school application fees for matriculation in the following school year.

Sample Curriculum for a Carroll University Honors Scholar *
Year First Semester
Second Semester
1 Cross-Cultural Seminar-Honors (University requirement) Writing Seminar – Honors
(University requirement)
2 History 224H Philosophy 206H
3   Environmental Science 120H
4 Global Perspectives Colloquium or Global Perspectives Colloquium
Honors-CCS400H Honors-CCS400H

* Under some circumstances, students might wish to complete their Honors core courses during their first two years at the university.


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