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About History

About the History Program

Why Study History?

History helps us understand our past and present. Through study of history, students gain a greater perspective on the present by comparing it to other eras, and become more thoughtful and critical in rendering judgments. Students learn to think and read critically, to express themselves effectively in oral and written form, and to become active global citizens. History teaches us about the human experience and prepares us to critically approach our world. It is a central part of a liberal arts education.

How Is College History Different From High School History?

High school history often emphasizes facts – dates, names and events. We emphasize asking questions: how do historians understand the past? Why did something happen? How did it affect people? What legacy has it left? Using written, oral and visual records, we interpret stories of real people and explore their ideas, actions and motivations.

Special Features

  • George F. Kennan fellowships provide a small stipend and special seminar for outstanding students.
  • Individualized internships in local and national libraries, museums, archives and organizations.
  • Phi Alpha Theta, Carroll’s chapter of the prestigious International Honorary Society in History, offers regional and national conferences.
  • History Club plans guest speakers, social gatherings, a faculty-student Trivial Pursuit match and field trips.
  • The program supports student and faculty research; majors have presented at the regional Phi Alpha Theta conference, and regularly participate in Carroll's Pioneer Scholars Program.
  • Competitive stipends support history majors who study abroad, and a flexible curriculum allows most credits to transfer from international programs.

What You Can Do With A History Major

Our majors attend pursue careers in:

  • Library science
  • Law
  • Education
  • Historic preservation
  • Museum work
  • Business
  • Publishing
  • Non-profits

Want To Learn More?

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