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NCEP318 Mexico

NCEP318 Mexico: Culture, Health and Human Services

This course has been designed for students who are interested in careers where they will work in health or human service settings that serve Hispanic populations. Using Mexico as a central focus, students will gain an understanding of Mexican and Mexican-American culture and customs. In May students will study in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where they will live with families, participate in seminars related to health, social services, migration, medical anthropology and politics. Intensive language classes are optional for those with near-native fluency. (Spring, May, annually) 4 credits

[photo] Hispanic nursing student in class

"Going to central Mexico opened my eyes to the richness of the culture and history."
- student

[photo] orphanage in Mexico [photo] Student with young children in Mexico

"The visits to the hospital, orphanage and community centers in Cuernavaca, Mexico taught me so much."
- student

"Learning about the role of traditional cures, herbal remedies and latino health beliefs will be an asset in my future role as a healthcare professional."

"I learned a lot about healthcare and public health issues in Mexico"

"I am getting practice using Spanish in ways that will help my future clients."
- student

[photo] Picture in Mexico [photo] orphanage in Mexico

"I was able to experience Latin American culture firsthand and had an opportunity to immerse myself in Spanish."

"I will be able to relate to Latino patients with confidence."

"Gaining skills in intercultural communication will help me be a better doctor."
- students

[photo] Boy in Mexico [photo] eating in Mexico
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