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Deprey, Sara M.

Physical Therapy
Associate Professor and Director
Office: Physical Therapy 112A
Office Phone: 262-951-3051
MGH Institute of Health Professions
Boston, Mass. May 2007
Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Finch University of Health Science/The Chicago Medical School
North Chicago, Ill.  June 1997
Master of Science in Physical Therapy with Neurological Emphasis

Finch University of Health Science/The Chicago Medical School
North Chicago, Ill.  June 1993
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
Areas of Specialization:
Board certified specialist in geriatric  physical therapy 2002 and Recertified in 2012; special interest in the motor control of balance and falls
Scholarly and Professional Achievements:


Talatzko  SB, Deprey SM, Hager N, Comprehensive facility-wide approach improves outcomes after lower extremity surgical arthroplasty in an acute care hospital.  Journal of Healthcare Quality.  2014; Vol36, No 3:17-27.

Deprey SM, Older Adult fatal fall analysis in Waukesha County.  Wisconsin Coroners and Medical Examiners Newsletter. Fall 2010. pgs 4-5

Deprey SM.  Descriptive analysis of fatal falls of older adults in a midwestern county.  Journal of Geriatric Phys Ther. 2009; 32:23-28.

Brosky JA, Deprey SM, Hopp JF, Maher EJ.  Physical therapist student and community partner perspectives and attitudes regarding service-learning experiences.  Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 2006;20:41-48.

Brosky JA, Hopp JF, Miller TB, Deprey SM.  Integrating Theory and Practice on Wellness and Prevention with Older Adults in Self-Contained Clinical Education Experiences.  Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 2001;15:29-36.

Deprey SM Use of Unstable Surfaces to Enhance Balance in Elderly Patients. Issues on Aging Spring 1998. (Abstract)

Deprey SM.  Random Practice to Enhance Safe Compensation of Neurological Deficits; A Case Report.  Neurology Report. 1999;23:52-56


Deprey SM, Shields K. Addressing Rehabilitation Needs Abroad Through the Merging of Service Learning and Clinical Education.  4th Annual conference on Applied Learning in Higher Education.  St Joseph, MO.  2009.

Maher E, Erickson M, Deprey SM, Hopp J.  Service Learning - Six Years of Bridging the Gap Between Classroom and Clinic.  APTA Annual Conference and Exposition, June, 2006. (oral presentation, education session 3 hours)

Brosky JA, Deprey SM, Dornemann T, Hopp, JF, Miller TB.  Integrating Service-Learning into an Entry-Level Physical Therapist Curriculum. Section of Education, Combined Sections Meeting, Boston, MA 2002.

Deprey SM. Using Unstable Surfaces to Enhance Balance in Elderly Patients.  Presented  as a platform at American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting Boston MA, 1998

Peer Reviewed Poster Presentations and Abstracts

Deprey SM, Grafenauer R, Hunt A, Smith J. Use of Video Feedback during Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation.  APTA CSM San Diego CA Jan 2013

Smith J, SM Deprey, Hensley C. Clinical decision and diagnostic process in a young adult female with lateral hip pain: a case report. APTA CSM San Diego CA Jan 2013

First V, SD Deprey. Implementation of the Barry-Albright Dystonia Scale in a long-term care facility for the developmentally disabled. APTA CSM San Diego CA Jan 2013

Deprey SM. Dosing and Timing of PT Intervention after Stroke: Preliminary Results of a Pretest-Posttest Outcome Study.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting. New Orleans, LA.2/2011

Deprey SM. Student perspective of an international service-learning experience.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting. Las Vegas NV.2/2009

Deprey SM  Maher E. Preliminary Descriptive Analysis of Fatal Falls in Older Adults in a Midwestern County National Physical Therapy Conference Denver CO.6/ 2007.

Truskowski C, Deprey SM, Hopp JF, Miller TB, Gosch J. Physical Therapist Student Self Assessment Ratings and Clinical Instructor Ratings Utilizing the Clinical Performance Instrument During Service Learning Practicums and Clinical Internship Experiences. APTA Combined Sections Meeting  New Orleans, LA,2/2005

Miller TB, Deprey SM. Analyzing Blood Pressure Responses in Clients Receiving Soft Tissue Massage from Student Physical Therapists. National Physical Therapy Conference Chicago, IL. 6/04
Service to Carroll University or the Profession:
Student Life, 2001-2003

Graduate and Professional Studies Academic Steering Committee, 2003-2009

Tenure and Promotion  Committee 2009-2012
Honors and Awards:
Mary Pat Murray Award for Clinical Excellence  November 1997 and  November 2009

The Norman and Louise Allhiser Award for Excellence in Teaching  May 2009

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