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Global Studies Major and Minor
Major requirements (12 courses/48 credits):
Required core courses: POL 103 Politics of the World’s Nations
(5 course/20 credits) POL 155
Contemporary Global Politics
  POL 200 Social Science Inquiry
  POL 276 Theories of Global Politics
  POL 399 Capstone
Elective courses: (7 courses/ 28 credits) Students must complete at least 1 course from each track. In addition, students select a track of concentration taking an additional 4 courses within that track, with at least 2 courses at the 200 or 300 level.
Regional Track: HIS 104 Europe and the Modern World
  HIS 112 Latin American History
  HIS 110 Modern China
  ENG 164 American Indian Literature
  ENG 226 Africa: Literature and Culture
  POL 301 Politics of Developed Nations
  POL 303 Politics of Developing Nations
  REL 306 Asian Religions
  HIS 329 The German Experience
Issues Track: HIS 108 Understanding Our Contemporary World
  ENV 138 Cultural Geography
  ENV 160 World Regional Geography
  PBH 102 Global Health
  REL 200 Religions of the Contemporary World
  ENV 222 Environmental Sustainability
  POL 321 International Conflict and Security
  POL 291/391 Topics in Political Science
  POL 321 International Law
  EUS 391 Topics in European Studies
Economics Track: PPE 101 Introduction to Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  ECO 124 Microeconomics
  ECO 225 Macroeconomics
  ECO 306 Microeconomic Theory
  ECO 307 Macroeconomic Theory
  ECO 363 International Economics
Minor Requirements (6 courses/24 credits):
Required Core Courses: POL 103 Politics of the World’s Nations
  POL 155 Contemporary Global Politics
  POL 276 Theories of Global Politics
Electives: Any three additional courses within a single track, with at least two at the 200 or 300 level.


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