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O'Reilly, Kelly P., PhD
Global Studies
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Office: MacAllister 205
Office Phone: 262-951-3008
B.A. – Lawrence University
M.A. – Marquette University
J.D. – Emory University School of Law
Ph.D. – University of South Carolina
Areas of Specialization:
International relations, international security, U.S. foreign and national security policy, nuclear proliferation, foreign policy decision-making
Scholarly and Professional Achievements:
O'Reilly, K.P. “Leaders’ Perceptions and Nuclear Proliferation: A political psychology approach to proliferation.” Political Psychology (forthcoming).

O'Reilly, K.P. “A Rogue Doctrine: The Role of Strategic Culture on U.S. Foreign Policy Behavior.” Foreign Policy Analysis (forthcoming).

O'Reilly, K.P.  "Turning over a New Leaf in Tripoli: Lessons from Libya's Transformation." Contemporary Security Policy 31, 2: 273-294 (2010).

O'Reilly, K.P. “Perceiving Rogue States: The Use and Application of the Concept of the ‘Rogue State’ by U.S. Foreign Policy Decision-Makers.” Foreign Policy Analysis 3: 295-315  (2007).

Conference papers:
O'Reilly, K.P. “Re-Rolling the Iron Dice: Assessing the Operational Codes and Subjective Games of the 'Willy and Nicky' Telegrams.” International Studies Association 2012 Annual Conference. San Diego, CA, April 2012.

O'Reilly, K.P. “Nuclear Decision-Making: Foreign Policy Analysis and the Nuclear Tipping Point.” International Studies Association 2011 Annual Conference. Montreal, Canada, March 2011.

O'Reilly, K.P. “Dealing with Rogue States: Exploring U.S. policymakers' perceived strategic interactions with rogue states.” International Studies Association 2010 Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA, February 2010.

O'Reilly, K.P. “The Games Leaders Play:  Exploring the role of leaders’ strategic interactions in proliferation decisions.” IGCC-PPNT Alumni Winter Conference. Washington D.C., February 2009.  
O'Reilly, K.P. “Leaders and the 'Nuclear Tipping Point': Strategic preferences and the proliferation dilemma.” International Studies Association 2009 Annual Conference. New York, NY. February 2009.
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