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Exercise science is the study of movement and the associated functional responses and adaptations. The field of exercise science ranges from the study of how organ systems work at the cellular level when confronted with disease, to improving the the biomechnical efficiency of an employee working on an assembly line.

-American College of Sports Medicine

Mission Statement
The purpose of the exercise science program at Carroll University is to develop entry-level professionals who can assess, interpret, prescribe, intervene, and manage health and fitness in apparently healthy individuals across the life span and promote positive lifestyle changes through basic interventions and referrals. The program is also designed to prepare students for appropriate professional organization certification exams and for post-graduate study in exercise science or other health related disciplines such as medicine, physical therapy, and physician assistant.

The exercise science program emphasizes the area’s body of knowledge, research, and practice. Constant reinforcement of content through practical experiences occurs through observations, exposure to clients in academic courses, practicum experiences, and full-time internships. Graduates are qualified professionals who are liberally educated and possess the foundations for lifelong learning.

The exercise science program is nationally recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.



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