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Southern Unit - Howard T. Greene Scientific Study and Conservation Area

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[photo] South Habitat The Howard T. Greene Scientific Study and Conservation Area is 40 acres of wetland and stream riparian corridor located near Genesee Depot. Among the unique features of the southern unit are approximately one mile of trails, several springs and spring ponds, and a calcareous fen (a rare wetland habitat). The trails and boardwalk on the property provide access throughout the property and includes a camping platform that advanced classes and researchers use for nocturnal studies. Additionally, the southern unit is the site of a small dam removal and stream restoration project.
Research activities on the southern unit include groundwater monitoring, sediment chemistry and physical structure assessment, buckthorn removal experiments, and dam removal assessment. Invasive species such as buckthorn have become dominant in many areas and their abundance on the Greene Field Station is a result of a lack of management before the species became established. However, Dr. Eric Thobaben and students are initiating a long-term experiment that addresses how to best deal with this non-native shrub and restore the area to a community comprised of native plants.

[photo] pre dam removal

Pre-dam removal

[photo] post dam removal

Post-dam removal


[photo] Old dam

[photo] measuring depth

The southern unit includes approximately one mile of Genesee Creek and includes areas both directly and indirectly influenced by the dam removal project. Dr. Joe Piatt and his students conducted several research studies addressing the groundwater, and water and soil chemistry changes associated with the dam’s removal. Dr. Jason Freund is initiating several student research projects that will examine fish habitat choice that will contribute to the long-term dam removal and stream restoration project.  
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